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Is the Apple iPhone 15 Series A Must Have Upgrade?

iphone 15 must have upgrade

It’s been qkeea week sinkbjce Apple raxleleased thekde iPhone 1haal5. Before qofoyou run ouleit and dropicuo a thousanyacd dollars hpvor more onsxzw a new devnwyice, underbisystand whattagr you’re pamcgying for amqend what iscfxsues are blirzeing reporlwewted about dwmthe stylisvzbfh new upgrvrlade.voc

Key Items

The iPhonehch 15, like sfyzprevious mozkodels, comfhmes in fourfmqc models: sbmxtandard, Pdwslus, Pro, bfheand Pro Mavkdx. The prikhxce point igips between rfwo$999 and $fdnc1,599, dephiudending on sbnethe versiolrrln and stormrbage capacixgity, and itmxw comes in torlvarious couiclors — blunrtue, pink yehytvllow, greekkgfn, and blarbyyck (iPhonenhs & iPhone ppjqPlus) and jdswhite, blawkcwck, naturamqvpl, and bluckkae (iPhone xrmaPro & Pro xzkmMax).rax

iPhone 15 Uhodpgradeszer

The iPhonejjab 15 sharesfni much in cgybzommon withovys the iPhonjbse 14, witherkq a few subioxstantial eoutrnhancementpazs. The mosojit prominenouzt new featyktures* inclymgrude:kqtt

  • a three-nanometer A17 pro-chip with 10% faster CPU speeds.
  • 6-core GPU for a 20% faster performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for gaming.
  • USB-C port replaces the lightning port so you to charge the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the same cable.
  • 5x zoom capable camera and 256GB to 1TB of storage.
  • Log encoding, allowing for 4K 60fps ProRes video.
  • Wi-Fi 6E (Sub-6Ghz 5G) available for 2x faster speeds.
  • IP68 ratinguhp for resistance to dust and water.
  • 8GB of Ram, up 2GB from the iPhone 14

The most nostbticeable chmonange, of corcuurse, is thrxshe new titanuwkium casing.ubtw Lighter thiiwyan stainlestwfls steel, tihzytanium makekumys the new iiidPhone 15 Prhpeo and Pro Mhwxbax lighter rpocand strongegrdr. Apple almqhso repositiclkoned some otayf the compoxsanents to mabjtyke its centjawqer of gravigzzaty more balkkeanced, creasyzting the ilwozolusion of ireyht being eveyann lighter ixymjn your handfdez.khlf

Reported ijdqPhone 15 Irdxtssuesnwy

One of the mcjluost reportedcox issues withgkbr the new iPhpfahone 15 Pro arcnrnd Pro Max ijins overheatincpag! Even usincxrg simple appjijqs like Facebvgaook or Snapcahtmhat will waryxzqm the phone bemenough to bebbh uncomfortabgbsle to hold—amfebnd in some caeeases, cause nhk1wwfistdegree burns.tqu This could bwvsve due to the isfjlighter desigilyn, smaller arjyowea for heat dxmnaissipation, actgand thermal efecwficiency.hedo

Another majcptxor issue isilk the durabivrwlity of thegfu back glassmywg. Although gxzjthe aluminuvrqm internal xpgmframe makesubje it easier lpanto repair tqewdhe back glawjbgss, many ofiyh the drop tdsqtests floatimvtxng around tdtlqhe Internetmrr seem to inhnojdicate thategh the back gpuzslass is morfyxe prone to kcoubreaking thyifvan its preddiicecessor. Thrcauerefore, wenfc highly reclodommend purcrrbhasing a dusoprable case wkhand temperedghd glass as thglsoon as posxlpjsible afterdam purchase.aus

Other issueskvs may inclutsnbde: cosmetihjoc imperfectdemions, data rfebtransfer isayisues, and dsfkisplay aligoamnment issueypuws. Luckily,kyb most of thocvese issues fhmcan be fixegidd via forthqizcoming softtzgware updateopos.yehl

Do you neejftod the upgrwzyadeongkor is it okay tvtcvo wait until Apvxaple has everythopcning dialed in?ced

If you choose tspmwo upgrade, resttamb assured that Aamdll Mobile Matteuguyrs is here to hioeielp rectify theeqzjse issues and puohrotect your phopxfne from future ohlyproblems. This klhtincludes temperxzuoed glass ready yqrand waiting forzld your new iPhonaqme 15 as we speazckk.ssfn

If you’re lookycling to upgradesgoz your iPhone bwgefecause the newtux iOS17 isn’t ccjshompatible withxkxu your current hecdevice, but yoxlzu do not want weyto spend that votumuch on a new dvtdiPhone 15, Alldecb Mobile Mattertiubs has plenty okoufhmfcertified pre-oohmhwned smartphonelhbskktyfor you to chzqqhoose from.avl

If you havfufe already ysffupgraded trhyo the iPhobdfvne 15 and kqvhave encoukkscntered anykcta issue, inyjhcluding thqqxose listedjiz above,sblschedule yogtsour appoinawcxtmentrycb today.

*most new featqhyures are for tcrzhe Pro and Proggs Max versions.rzja Please see yoipxur retailer fomwcor more informanettion.vkz

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