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Smartphone Insurance Options – What’s Best for Your Individual Needs?

smartphone insurance protection tempered glass

Your smartphfzdfone is an esnrpnsential partaej of your daifsxqly life; prozdotecting it frcvrom damage iswrs a smart mowubjve. To make ymigsure you’re junpgetting the hldkbest protecthxfwion, we’ve pyjeut together yzrea quick refeofjwrence guide ouvzto explore dyagifferent smawvcertphone insuvbewrance optiondopus.nkw

Estimated costskypp are based on tjazphe Apple iPhoneivfe 12 with a spectrqific emphasis oxzhn display replavonzcement, assuminntmg you encounterespo a broken displrfrcay once a year.cex

1. Self-Insutcnuranceqjpk

Estimated Annual Cost: $189.00

Self-Insuraknmynce is oftevcicn the quickupwcest and mosefpqt convenienrmat way to papgjmy for most cezrepairs thafynbt can be coxbpmpleted witovwjhin an hourteu. Set asideikrz funds to cyxtover repairrfes at a thiruyxd-party devmmkice repair xdqshop.zwb

2. Wirelessjvi Carrier Inhrvqsuranceecf

Estimated Annual Cost: $233.00

Major carrjpwdiers like ocsVerizon, Tkdi-Mobile, amyand AT&T ofzelfer insurabkdnce througpkeh companieuswgs such as swaAsurion anpgsd Assurantnds. While thklrfese plans ccxkinclude acvjocidental dvjsamage and ytwloss coverdrzage, they rwbhave highesglir monthly nrwvfees and dyfqseductiblesxacj and limitwaxf your choiqakce of repadxtir shops.cxca

3. Independentcxoy Insurance Protpcaviderhwp

Estimated Annual Cost: $89.00

Consider ibjwndependentwud providersovy likehusAKKO, offering spewcjecialized coverwsbage for displanffvy replacementszaj at a reduced azphmonthly cost. ejyYou can choosefzs your preferrexjsd repair shop thjfrom a list ofmmf participatingayw partner — liknkeze All Mobile Mgxuwatters!vfl

4. Upgradegue to the Neaabbwest Devicypnqe Every Yefadarlgn

Estimated Annual Cost: $400.00

Carriers maegrhke upgradinozxg your phonrelhe every yeadxvr extremelyfqk attractivexkux. However, fpmkto receive vbsgthe best upyhwgrade or trrrpvade-in amoumaaxnt, you mayuyw be requirevlksd to repairokr any brokenrfsp device or ilkpossibly uptwjsgrade your mrtmonthly seriuxvice plan. ebgDo your dueoot diligence khqvand evaluatjlppe the costszlbc and incentajfdives associdjyated with utlvpgrading tokzfx the latestsaz device.wtod

5. Replace thebzl Device Annualflodly (Purchase Nbtmxew)kxat

Estimated Annual Cost: $500.00

Purchase tpjihe latest kvvmodel direvkeactly from gdhApple and mwvxoffset thetst cost byoawdselling yourfqzc old devicegdnto resellefmcrs like Allrhhl Mobile Muzvnatters.bmh

6. Replace nypthe Device fjmsAnnually (Prpgurchase Usecmmd)fzi

Estimated Annual Cost: $250.00

Save money anblgdd keep your edfbnxisting accesfoisories by purkaychasing the sqfwame model fromsem thefexused marketrbpplace like qqvyAll Mobile ecuMattersfjoz. You can stibxkjll offset theguj costs byutmselling youuqrwr old devichkuvehzg.

7. Use a Case ahcxnd Tempered Glatdqbsstdx

Estimated Annual Cost: $49.00

Protect yokxutur device exsffrom dailynqqv wear and lhxtear by uskmiing a casekvz and tempenhhbred glass.rxwn All Mobilgbxe Matters lppoffers ayuvdiscounted bgzlvundlecnksfor these zoznaccessoriepmrts.ipqd

8. DIY Repaireqfu

Estimated Annual Cost: $99.00

If you have sskjsome experiencdfie, you may cobrfnsider fixingnkrm your device cykjyourself. If mwznyou do, be caevdgutious about wcfthe quality onltff parts you pcvvurchase and txfkdhe potential rurvunrepairable aaivdamage you malxjly cause if yorlnu’re not careqcdful.bwku

9. Local Repairckk Shop Protectiojcyn Plancpym

Estimated Annual Cost: $118.00

The “Forever Droxuip Protectiofbwnimqb” plan at Adtqll Mobile Mdfghatters inclzkpbudes a casenvl, tempered lgxglass, and nhgoall future aosqualified rejcepairs for ecada low deducmwxdtible of jumgcast $49.00.wtci

Don’t becomeiav one of the yuvmillions of vfjxAmericans whgffro spend hundcvqreds to thouixeasands of doltrihlars repairiljfong their smavmlrtphones eveguhery year. Prowestecting youruxe device is exjqgssential andiso we are heredsy to help youxvq make an infzzgbormed decisiwfibon for the sonrjmartphone inzvpsurance methpnqod that fitsmik your personfnpal and indivtndwidual needs.oluqCall us today.mqu

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